Our Mission

The Skaneateles Football Club is a non-profit organization focused on maximizing the opportunity for the youth of our community to have rewarding and fulfilling experiences through participation in organized football programs. Our primary focus is on the development of a successful youth football program. But, we're willing to help wherever help is needed.

Translation? We're a group of like-minded folks who are now too old to actually play football. Way too old. Well, we could play but it would hurt. But, we do remember. Here's some of the things we remember:

Might have been that special coach that taught the important life lessons you still rely on to this day. Maybe it was getting knocked down...and learning how to always get back up. Could have been showing up to practice every day just to make sure you didn't let your teammates down. Sometimes lessons were delivered through success, the most important often came in failure. On a good night, maybe it was that throw that found it's mark under the lights on a Friday night to win a game. On a bad night, it was sitting in a locker room with your brothers vowing never to let it happen again. Ever.

Whatever it was, the experience of competitive football can help shape young lives. Generally, for the better. We'd like to make sure that the kids in our community have the same opportunity.

Teamwork, Dedication, Sacrifice, Determination, Leadership, Commitment.

Those are just a few of the qualities that we hope kids develop by participating in quality youth football programs. The Skaneateles Football Club is committed to making sure that all of our kids (and their parents) have that choice.

Here's some of the stuff we're working on delivering for the youth in our community:

  1. A positive environment delivered by a well-organized, competitive youth football league that fosters character, confidence, athleticism, teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship
  2. Advanced development of young talent for successful transition to Skaneateles High School football programs
  3. Improved opportunity for parent-child participation in a competitive sport of mutual interest
  4. Increased scholarship opportunities for the student/athletes in the Skaneateles School District
  5. Lasting community pride and spirit for all Skaneateles football programs
  6. Increased involvement of Skaneateles alumni and local residents in building a strong future for all Skaneateles football programs